Guest Speaker Jan 2018: Silky and Sunny



This is our first webinar of 2018 (Happy New Year)! We have upgraded our software and present a higher quality product going forward. Enjoy the premier and upgraded webinar for 2018! Sunny sits down with popular trader from Twitter @silkdynastystx (Silky). Topics discussed include: crypto markets, ETFs, commodities, the OTC, Trump, and much more. This is a one-way video call with Sunny in video and Silky in audio.The webinar is approximately one hour and nineteen minutes in length. Be sure to follow our guest speaker on Twitter @silkdynastystx

This webinar is dated 01 January 2018. It will be available for free download to our Gold members through 31 January 2018.

*We recommend downloading this video on a computer/laptop due to file size. Cell phones using wifi/cell service are not as reliable or capable of handling the download process properly.*

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to submit a CONTACT form and we’re happy to help! We are also looking for question submissions for our next webinar which will be our Q&A. Submit your questions via the contact link and Sunny will review them and, time permitting, go over them in the Q&A session.