**FREE** Educational Apr 2018: Summer Trading

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This is our April 2018 Q&A based on the most common questions traders have asked Sunny in the past two weeks. Traders have been asking him various questions about why the market seems to have slowed down. Topics discussed include summer trading, successful trading tactics for summer months, long-term OTC holding, and more. This educational webinar is free for everyone (members and non-members) in hopes that we can give you a preview of the quality, information, and insight they offer. This webinar is approximately 40 minutes in length.

This webinar is dated 01 April 2018. It will be available for free download to everyone (members and non-members). Enjoy!

*We recommend downloading this video on a computer/laptop due to file size. Cell phones and tablets using wifi/cell service are not as reliable or capable of handling the download process properly.*

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to submit a CONTACT form and we’re happy to help! We are also always looking for question submissions for our Q&A webinars. Submit your questions via the contact link and Sunny will review them and, time permitting, go over them in the next Q&A session.