Moderator Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering your time in helping to keep the Sunny Money Family forums clean. The task of a moderator is very important in keeping the community together and helping it remain attractive to newcomers. These are some simple guidelines for Sunny Money Family forum Moderators. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact a Sunny Money Family team member via the CONTACT form.


Moderators will be held to the same standard as every other member. Moderators are bound by the Sunny Money Family, Inc. Terms and Conditions which include the No Bashing/No Pumping policies listed in the Terms & Conditions as well as this Moderators SOP document. As a moderator you will have access to private user information used for violation reporting purposes ONLY. It is completely unacceptable to use anything that you have found in this forum or through being a moderator against a member privately or publicly on this site or off of it. Moderators can be reported for violations and/or “abuse of power” by members and other moderators and all reports will be investigated by a Sunny Money Family team member.

If a moderator is found to be in direct violation of the Terms & Conditions and/or this Moderator Guidelines document, moderator privilege will be revoked immediately and permanently. If moderator privileges are revoked, the offending moderator will be placed back as a regular member. It is up to the discretion of Sunny Money Family what course of action is to be taken after a moderator is reported and investigations concluded –including but not limited to suspension temporary or permanent ban.

While maintaining your forum, the main thing is to care enough about your forum to make it a priority. This will manifest differently per person. If you feel that maintaining your forum has become a burden or that you simply don’t have enough time, please notify a Sunny Money Family team member via the CONTACT form and we will remove you as a moderator. If you want to moderate more than one forum at a time, please fill out an individual request for each desired forum. There is no guarantee that you will be granted a moderator position as there is a limit to 3 moderators per forum. If you wish to be removed as a moderator from a forum and/or transfer to another, just fill out a CONTACT form and let us know. Maintaining your forum means regularly visiting to make sure that there is no spam, multiple topics, problems to take care of, etc.

Procedure for reporting Terms and Conditions violations:

  • Take a screenshot of the offending post(s)
  • Gather information of offending poster -username, email, display name
  • Email the screenshots and user information to the Sunny Money Family site administrator at so she can review the findings and decide what actions will be necessary going forward.
  • Do not delete the post, simply click the “unapprove” button at the bottom of the post. This will ensure that it is still available if it was mistaken for some kind of violation but not viewable by other members until reviewed –we can easily restore it if that is the case.


There are a lot of occasions when you will need to edit a post. Whenever you do, please insert an edit note at the very end. For example, if a member attached an advertisement of his or her website in a post, you would want to edit that part out and put a note at the end like “(YOUR USERNAME edit note: No advertisement allowed)”. No violent, discriminatory language or personal attacks are tolerated in the forums. If you see any inappropriate posts, edit the post immediately. Remove the offending portion or entire post body and insert a edit note explaining your action. If an excessive amount of profanity is used in a
post, remove it. Follow proper reporting procedure when submitting a report. Taking a screenshot of the ORIGINAL post/topic may be required depending on the situation. Use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to report the incident.

Reasons to delete/edit a post after proper documentation and reporting to the site administrator include but are not limited to:

– Any text that is or contains threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, hateful, deceptive, fraudulent, invasion of privacy, sexual acts, violent or any other violations of terms.
–Any text that attacks the owners and associates of Sunny Money Family.
–Any form of communication that victimizes, harasses, degrades or intimidates another user/group of users.
–Impersonation of another user, entity, or person.
–Spamming: email, junk email, ads, repetitive similar posts, product promotion, service promotion, solicitation, gambling, bartering.
–Immediate suspension will occur for posts containing software viruses, files, or code brought forth to disrupt, damage, or even limit the ability of the website to function.
–Uploading false information, profile information, and personal contact information of other users without their consent. Not only is this considered harassment, it also falls under the Sunny Money Family “no bashing” policy and will be subject to those terms (See Section 3: 3 strike bashing rules).

If the offending post has anything to do with illegal activity (I.e. child pornography, SEC violations, etc.) unapprove the post immediately, gather the posting user’s information, and immediately contact a Sunny Money Family associate with gathered information as well as the reporting moderators contact information so the proper authorities can be notified and action taken. Deleting these posts is a felony offense until the proper authorities give further instruction on removal.

If there are any topics or posts that need to be moved, simply use the “Move” button and choose the proper forum/subforum the topic or post belongs to.

The Sunny Money Family team and site admin will use Moderator reports to make decisions regarding banning and suspension. Please refer to the proper procedure for reporting if you think someone deserves a ban or suspension.

16 October 2017