GNIN Revisited: Big Announcement Coming?

Part 2:

*from March 30, 2018 GNIN Blog Packet 1 : https://sunnymoneyfamily.com/2018/03/30/gnin-under-radar/

Last time we featured GNIN as an OTC long-hold, it was well on its way towards a stock to be remembered. GNIN, now trading steadily around .04 – .05, is once again under the spotlight as much more (in terms of DD) has recently surfaced. We will be discussing how and why we believe GNIN will be reaching a new price target of 0.10 – 0.20 cents + in the coming weeks. To bring us to this target we will be going over brief technical analysis along with new due diligence.

Important DD to be Aware of:

  1. Merging company:

A little about Zomongo:

Zomongo Websites:


Zomongo Youtube Channel :


Zomongo FaceBook : *showing very responsive to messages.


*Posted to the Zomongo Facebook Page on May 2nd, 2018

Hmmmmm… Big Announcement Coming?

2. Filing Outlining Merger with ZOMONGO

A must-read Schedule 13D Release Outlining Merger Details:

*key point of 13D

March 23, 2018 a FORM SC 13D was filed, stating the following:

TCA Fund and the Company have a current plan or proposal whereby an Acquisition and Plan of Merger Agreement (the “Agreement”) may be effectuated by and among (i) the Company, (ii) TCA GNIN Merger Sub, Inc., a Nevada corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company (the “Merger Sub”), (iii) Jeremy Ostrowski, Jocelyne Hughes-Ostrowski, Peter Crowley, and Joseph Abrams, individuals residing in Alberta, Canada, and (iv) Zomongo, Inc., an Alberta, Canada corporation (“Zomongo”), upon the achievement by the Company and Zomongo of the following conditions precedent: (a) Zomongo shall be audited by a United States Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm in good standing with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”) and Zomongo shall be provided with such auditor’s consent to file the audited financial statements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, (b) the Company shall be audited by a United States Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm in good standing with the PCAOB and the Company shall be provided with such auditor’s consent to file the audited financial statements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and (c) the Company shall have filed all required periodic reports and related filings in accordance with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and shall be deemed a SEC current reporting company with the OTC Markets trading platform (the “Merger Conditions”).

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, upon completion of the foregoing Merger Conditions, Zomongo shall be merged with and into the Merger Sub at the Effective Time (as defined in the Agreement). At the Effective Time, the Merger Sub shall merge with Zomongo, and Zomongo shall continue as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company and shall continue its corporate existence under the laws of the State of Nevada.

3. GNIN/Zomongo Valuation:


Current GNIN Market Cap as of 05/04/2018 : 4.9 million
Projected Zomongo Revenue : 10 million
This alone shows that GNIN should be roughly trading at a value of .09 – .10 cents minimum and is very undervalued.

4. Form 3 Showing Beneficial Ownership by Bob Press.

Mr. Bob Press is the Chief Executive Officer of TCA Fund Management Group, the investment manager of TCA Global Credit Master Fund L.P.

Interview featuring Bob Press

What Does All this Mean?

To me, this has a few key points to be very excited about. We are talking about a merger with a company doing an estimated 10 million dollars in revenue; meanwhile the company is currently trading at a value of 4.9 million. This to me makes the current company very undervalued and a valuable investment at this current point. To continue off this point, GNIN (like one of our other long-term positions –BYOC) continues to prove that point of legitimacy. This legitimate merger with Zomongo makes GNIN a very big deal in the OTC from our perspective. The involvement of Bob Press and his registering of 4 million shares further shows the future potential that he believes is in store for the merger as well. All these points mentioned and drawn out above is why we stand by GNIN as not only a viable long-term OTC investment but also one of the most underrated and yet to be found big movers in the OTC.

Be sure to watch sunnymoneyfamily.com for future updates and progress to our long-term investment GNIN along with updates to our other portfolio of long-term OTC investments.

Next GNIN PRICE TARGETS : .10 – .20 CENTS +.


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