DD continued, Technical Analysis, and Future Projections.

Part 1: DD Continued

DD on incoming LDSI President, Bannor Michael Macgregor, and his association with Vastach Holdings Ltd.

*LDSI NVSOS shown above. See more at : LDSI NVSOS Profile

•Vastech Holdings Ltd. Is a private corporation based in Great Britain specializing in R&D of electric motor technologies.

*Notice Bannor Michael Macgregor above being shown as an active Director. He is also being shown as a business consultant to Vastach Holdings.

*Bannor Macgregor appointed director/business consultant 08/03/2017

  • Patents and patent applications by Vastech:
    -Electric Motor (source: of this innovation:  “It is therefore an object of the present invention to enable a significant reduction in the costs of solenoid-magnet type motors, such as those disclosed in WO 2013/140400 and GB 1511226.1. “

    -“It is another object of the invention to enable more flexibility in the manner of causing rotation of solenoid-magnet type motors, such as those disclosed in WO 2013/140400 and GB 1511226.1.”

  • Use of a Magnetic Clutch a Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) (source:
    -Brushless DC Motor (source:“The invention is concerned with a novel type of BLDC motor architecture, which leads to a major reduction of back EMF levels, thus yielding a motor capable of providing a constant torque value regardless of the angular Velocity of the rotor. As a side benefit of the reduced back EMF, the overall applied Voltage is nearly constant, and therefore no over current peaks at start will occur.”
  • What does all this mean?  Essentially, Vastech has devised a more cost-effective method to produce certain types of electric motors.  In addition, they have developed a new type of DC motor architecture which greatly reduces the presence of negative Electromotive Force, working against the efficient of the motor.  An added benefit to this is consistent torque, reducing voltage peaks which can unnecessarily reduce battery life.


What does this all mean for LDSI?

This DD further proves the legitimacy, experience, and skill of the incoming CEO, Bannor Macgregor. We all know by now that having a CEO at the helm that has had proven success in past and present projects is always a big plus in the OTC. Shareholders of any company want to know they are in good hands and with Bannor Macgregor we obviously are. We also have to throw the idea of Vastech being a possible part of LDSI into the argument. Will Bannor’s recent involvement with Vastech and their valuable patents play a role in the future of LDSI? It will be interesting to see.


Part 2: Technical Analysis

  • Price Channels:

Summary: What we are seeing here is the perfect fulfillment of price channels. LDSI is one of the best of best I have seen in this category and why I believe it is constantly moving up, step by step, with barely any outside influence from RSI. You ever see those stocks that run and run no matter how high RSI gets? That is because of price channels. Price channels being properly fulfilled (aka enough shares being exchanged at each level allow for continuance of runs). What this shows on LDSI is that we have built an absolute concrete base above .01 with 85 million traded above it alone between .01-.015. That is solid output everyone. With 85 million traded between .01 – .015, we are more than ready for a strong move towards .03+.

  • Accumulation:

Summary: Accumulation so powerful that it is easily comparable to all those of SGDH, BYOC, and GNIN in the beginning. My favorite measurement to use on OTC longs as it shows that long-term lock-down of the tradeable float. It helps answer that mysterious question of are more shares being accumulated and held then they are being disbursed? This clearly shows on LDSI the increasing lock-down of the tradable shares, which I’m sure many have also noticed how extremely thin it has become on Level 2 (a second sign of how locked down this stock has become by the long holders).

  • On Balance Volume (OBV):

Summary: I use OBV for one reason on long-term stocks in the OTC: it gives us an adequate read on whether or not we have enough volume to continue the move upwards. It has played important roles in all our others so far. What we see here is a very strong stair step pattern and what appears to be OBV beginning to curl up, as we speak, meaning we may see another run here soon. Lets remember it will take less and less volume to keep moving upwards as more and more of those shares are being accumulated and not disbursed. Overall, OBV is currently pointing towards another possible run coming shortly.


This is one of the most technically sound and perfect moves I have ever seen on an OTC stock in my career of doing this. We are on several strong OTC longs currently and have been in the past as well and this ranks right up there to the absolute highest degree. Off technicals alone, I see this making a move towards .03+ in the coming days, with a filing or PR drop, the sky is literally the limit on this one.

 Part 3: Other Important Notes

  • Short Interest:



What this short interest means:

The Market Makers are heavily shorting LDSI at the moment and have been attempting to short it for sometime now and constantly are losing that battle/being squeezed higher. They are increasing this short interest higher than ever, currently, which is setting them up for a HUGE short squeeze if the buy pressure comes in. This is why, right here, a move towards .03 is easily possible. If the buying pressure comes in and the shorts have to cover, we could see a quick move towards .03+. A filing or PR drop and we’ll see a quick move to .05+ from my perspective.

Part 4: Future Projections and Conclusion

When we take a look at all the DD/research presented, the technical analysis, the bare bone fundamentals (share structure in particular), etc. everything spells huge runner in the making. I say “in the making” because the story here has literally just begun. The story just starting is what makes this stock so exciting because as more develops and becomes available we can expect that share price to continue to rise. I’m expecting in the coming week to see this stock start to make its way towards .03+ as the research and analysis is there to back that up. In the coming weeks, if the company brings information to the light, this stock from my perspective can easily and quickly obtain .05+. LDSI is a buy/hold for me for many weeks and possibly months to come. As we say, we stay till they give us a reason to leave and that is not the case here. Prediction for .05+ in the near-term.



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