Our Visit with QS Energy, Inc.
Interview and Technical Analysis:


In this blog packet, we will be discussing the technical analysis of the stock QSEP to go with our recent QSEP CEO interview which you can watch HERE.

Just from a broad look at the charts themselves, I see a lot of definitive signs of a longer term move upwards. We will be discussing our top four favorite indicators to use : Accumulation, ADX with DI+/-, OBV, and CMF. Using these four indicators we will give a final conclusion as to the possible movement of the stock QSEP.


Analysis: QSEP has the perfect accumulation you would want to see in any stock. With the gradual increase in accumulation, this is showing the lockdown of the tradable float. When this indicator is constantly increasing, it means investors/traders are buying and holding significantly more shares than they are distributing. The best way to prove this is happening is when you start to see the stock trade with much larger price spreads. The stock can move large percentages on low volume. This, to me, is possibly one of the most important indicators that exists –and QSEP gets a very bullish rating on it.

ADX with DI+/- :

Analysis: The setup of this indicator is very interesting, especially on QSEP. As you may know from past blog packets, this indicator helps us read the strength of a trend and if a stock is possible of creating and maintaining a possible price increase. Below are the generic measurements for the ADX line. Currently, QSEP is measuring a 28 ADX. This is showing us a strong trend is being maintained, so there is strength to QSEP. This trend is falling, but has the opportunity to increase with that rising accumulation. If we also take a look at the DI +/-, there are signs of a possible uptrend coming to this stock. The DI-, being the red line above, shows a steady downtrend occuring while the green line (DI+) is beginning to spike higher. This is typically a sign of a possible uptrend coming. The most bullish sign for this indicator in the coming weeks would be that DI+ staying well above DI-.

OBV (On Balance Volume):

Analysis: What we see here, is a declining OBV. So, as the weeks progress, we will be watching this closely to see a possible increase –what we want to see is a steady increase. Increasing equals more volume coming in to move this stock price upwards. I do believe the interest will grow here though and we will see that OBV begin to trend upwards.

CMF (Chaikin Money Flow):

Analysis: What we see here is a pretty steady CMF finding support around that 20 zone. The CMF is currently uptrending from that mark showing a possible increase in that money flow needed to increase share price. This will also be interesting to watch in the coming weeks.


The one indicator I monitor (on most stocks) particularly closely is accumulation. The accumulation is so strong here it immediately grabs my attention. Even though the price increase hasn’t followed that accumulation meter yet, from my perspective, it will in the coming days/weeks. The stock on the 5 year chart (below) is also bouncing off what has been a very strong support zone. This support zone could lead to a higher bounce to possibly break both those very close 50/200 movement averages. If the 50/200 movement averages are broken, it could really lead to a powerful uptrend. If the company follows through with their 2018 vision, QSEP could be a stock positioned for a strong move.


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