I want the last post of 2017 to be a great one and end the year on a positive note!

Thank you so much from the Sunny Money Family for all of your support! For those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, thank you for sticking with us as we have continually improved the site –it was a little rough around the edges when we started. I love the family feel we have going and a BIG thank you to those of you who have reached out to us with feedback to help us help everyone. You are all important to the site and we are so thankful and happy to have you with us!

I hope you all have a wonderful and merry (and safe) New Year’s Eve and a wonderful New Year’s Day recovering from the festivities since market will be closed.

See you in 2018! May it bring you health, wealth, and happiness –and when making your trading resolutions for the year, remember:

For the year 2017 put the entire year into focus. Look at each loss and figure out what you did wrong and why it happened. Write the reasons down why they happened and that will be your New Years trading Resolution. To never repeat those same habits. –Sunny

With 2018 just hours away, we have already been planning and researching new additions to the site and getting our new webinars lined up. We have so much planned and we are all super excited about it!

Tomorrow afternoon when the grogginess of yesteryear subsides, our premier 2018 webinar will be available for download! The webinar will be featuring Silky from Twitter. As well, we have upgraded our software and can bring our audience even better quality videos. Your site admin has been busy the last couple days getting the first 2018 webinar perfect.

We hope to see you in the new year!

Noëlle H; CTO/Site Administrator
You can follow her on Twitter @subliMINXal


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Noëlle H; Chief Technical Officer and Site Admin –Noëlle is an honors graduate with a degree in Computer Networking and Information Systems Security and holds an additional certificate in Cisco Networking. She decided to pursue her true passion and get her degree in Info-Sec after working four years in the health and medical field. Her education was acquired from a program that is approved for cyber-security related skills and education by the NSA. Noëlle is the Site Administrator and Chief Technical Officer for Sunny Money Family, Inc. after turning down a recruitment opportunity for one of the only social engineering/penetration testing companies in the state. Her areas of expertise include due diligence with an emphasis on tech related companies and websites.

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