Hello everyone! Sunny has some things he wants to shed some light on based on numerous comments he’s received via Twitter. This is an opinion video regarding the state of the OTC. Sunny wants everyone to benefit and, in the video below, he will explain what he sees occurring to traders on a regular basis as of the last two weeks in particular.



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2 Thoughts on “Real Talk with Sunny”

  • Sunny spitting truth and reality to the OTC traders. Its time to collectively start calling these traps and trappers out. Its in all of our best interest to have the OTC operating in an improved state. Best line of the video, ” Stop trying to take short cuts and put in the work, like the rest of us.” That is a message that should be absorbed by new traders, up and comer’s & scammer/trappers alike. The higher quality of setups you enter, the better chance you have at consistent gain. Consistent gains in OTC brings liquidity to the entire OTC. The healthier the OTC is the more we all make.

  • Good shit only thing I disagree with is people make there own decisions if proper dd is done and people were not such sheeps they would see through the bullshit I have got burned not because of a group but because I got to involved with a company and I like how you put it 99.9 % of these otc stocks are scams and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be

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