Noëlle H; Chief Technical Officer and Site Admin –Noëlle is an honors graduate with a degree in Computer Networking and Information Systems Security and holds an additional certificate in Cisco Networking. She decided to pursue her true passion and get her degree in Info-Sec after working four years in the health and medical field. Her education was acquired from a program that is approved for cyber-security related skills and education by the NSA. Noëlle is the Site Administrator and Chief Technical Officer for Sunny Money Family, Inc. after turning down a recruitment opportunity for one of the only social engineering/penetration testing companies in the state. Her areas of expertise include due diligence with an emphasis on tech related companies and websites.

8 Thoughts on “Official Launch: Registration & Login Instructions”

  • Hey guys,
    I registered for a gold subscription and I’m logged in with wordpress but when clicking on “community” or “chat” it says “This content is restricted for your membership level. Upgrade your membership to participate.” How can I fix that?

  • Hi Noelle, I registered, received email. Activated but when I tried to log into via world press it did not recognize me. It said I registered but there was a problem with the payment and to do it again after logging in.

    • Hey Mike! On that WP page, make sure you are not using your username and password from sunnymoneyfamily. You will either need to use a gmail account or create a wordpress account that will link with our site. If you would like, you can email me directly at and I would be happy to help you out with getting set up!

  • Hi Noelle, I am interested in registering for the new forum. I tried to do that and am having trouble. When I click on ‘register’ I am sent to a page asking for my password before I have registered and everything I think I would have used as a password is rejected. But I have not registered anyway. I have subscribed to the emails. Any help would be appreciated. Ken

    • Hey! So, the password is actually something I implemented to keep the page private but link active until after market today (so technically it’s my password it’s asking for). Sorry for the confusion there. As soon as 4PM EST rolls around, I will be removing the password requirement on those pages that have them on the site. We’re super excited to see you then! I hope that helps. If not, send me a direct email at

      -Noelle H.
      CTO/Site Admin

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