Sunny Money Family is a place where traders can come together to meet, greet, and learn about all things stock related in a friendly and positive environment.

We offer webinars, forums, chat, and blogs. Our forums offer private messaging, dedicated trader boards, and both OTC and NYSE/NASDAQ symbols with a weekly rotating Top Ten. We use a Discord server as our chat platform. For more information on pricing and the services we offer, see our services page. You can also view a complete listing of our blogs here.

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If you are currently a 3 month subscriber, be sure to check your emails (don’t forget to check spam). No! You’re not in trouble! We just have some information to give you as we work on getting this site set up for May 2019. Thank you! 
-Sunny Money Family, Inc. Team
28 January 2019

If you are currently a 6 month subscriber, be sure to check your emails (don’t forget to check spam). No! You’re not in trouble! We just have some information to give you as we work on getting this site set up for May 2019. Thank you! 
-Sunny Money Family, Inc. Team
28 October 2018

We just got our YouTube set up! Check out our free videos on our channel there for streaming instead of downloading! Click on the image to view our premier educational streaming video!
-Sunny Money Family, Inc. Team

19 October 2018

If you are currently a 12 month subscriber, be sure to check your emails (don’t forget to check spam). No! You’re not in trouble! We just have some information to give you as we work on getting this site set up for May 2019. Thank you! 
-Sunny Money Family, Inc. Team
10 September 2018

We love our members and everything they do to contribute to our site. We are also going to be switching gears in May of 2019. Sunny has decided that his main focus will be getting back into the Institutional side and with that transition comes less time available to dedicate to our members. Our plan to continue with all of our services until May 2019. After that time, we will continue to roll out our Blogs and Webinars so we will still be providing education and knowledge to those who continue to follow us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Thank you so much for all the support we have received and continue to receive!
-Sunny Money Family, Inc. Team
5 June 2018

Love Sunny Money Family

Love Sunny Money Family.

People are nice and friendly. Learnt a lot!!! Thank you!!!

Keith Yeung
6 February 2018

What a find!!

Joining the Sunny Money Family is easily the best investment I’ve made in my short trading life. The knowledge and tutelage that Sunny provides is bar none the best I’ve found. Sunny takes the time to answer everyone’s questions and is completely transparent with his trades. His webinars are very educational and the chat room has an abundance of other knowledgeable traders with their own style helping new traders learn different trading strategies. Everyone from the admins to the other members are fantastic to trade with, share ideas and learn from. I highly recommend.

Barry S.
6 February 2018

Great opportunity for new traders

I started trading in October of 2017 I immediately lost 48% of my money I noticed Sunny on IHub and started following him on there and when he started posting about starting sunny money family I thought to myself this is what I need because I hated all the chaos on IHub… well needless to say it has been everything I wanted… to learn and no chaos just a bunch of traders sharing ideas and working together.
It’s well worth the small monthly fee!
Still in the red but doing much better and looking to be green by March!

6 February 2018

Best Investment Ever For Any Trader

Been in the market for almost 10 years now and its taught when you are working alone and learning trading curves on your loses. Wished I had Sunnymoneyfamily long before as I would save and make a lot of money but it’s never too late. Since October my account has 10x than it was and I feel more confident when entering a trade as for any question there is someone who can give me an answer. Also, being a part of group with many experienced traders is big plus. No pumps or dumps just clean and honest trading.
Subscription is worth every penny and would always recommend to learn from the best. Sunnymoneyfamilly offers all that plus beginner lessons

6 February 2018


I’ve been a member of Sunny Money Family trading service for about 1 month and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have done for my trading. I came across @SUNNYLAND24 on twitter last year, had several amazing trades based off of his tweets, and followed him on twitter ever since. I wondered how this guy was right so often. So when he started Sunny Money Family I knew it was something I would do. I waited a month or 2 to join, and wish I had joined sooner. Can’t say enough good things about the service. Great trades, great people, no bs. Just people looking to make money. I would not hesitate to join if you are considering it.

6 February 2018

Great for Beginners!

I began trading in November 2017 and started following other traders on twitter, googling videos and reading books. There is a lot of information on the web about trading and I found myself lost, unorganized and overwhelmed, then I found the SunnyMoneyFamily. The webinars are awesome for beginners, informative and easy to understand. The friendly chat is full of trade ideas and not only are questions encouraged they are answered by a knowledgeable trader. I have learned more since I joined a few weeks ago then the months of studying on my own and it doesn’t hurt that my account is now inching towards green! Worth the small investment. So happy to have joined the fam and looking forward to the future!

6 February 2018

A decade of learning all in a matter of months

The heading says it all; trading alongside Alex has been a blessing. He is truly an educator and mentor. His experience in securities trading, technical analysis and financial management benefits new traders and veterans alike. I can personally attest to his valuable insight in Market tactics, and cannot be more grateful for the learning experience I’ve gained over the past year. The website is fantastic and user-friendly; I think I speak for everyone in the Sunny Money Family when I say we cannot WAIT to see what you all have planned for the future! Thank you!

Kevin F.
6 February 2018

Amazing place for traders of all types and experience levels.

I started trading only a few months ago and was trying to use other methods for learning and finding stocks. I got sucked into some twitter pump and dumps and was left holding the bag. I found the Sunny Money Family shortly after and it is by the far the best thing to happen in my short trading career. Sunnyland and the whole team are amazing and the knowledge sharing is priceless. I will continue to be a member of the Sunny Money Family for the rest of my trading career.

Scott C
7 February 2018

-Sunny Money Family, Inc. Team

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